Clipboard doesn't clear after password copy in KeePassXC

This is my first message here, hi to everybody.

Following this post here http s://, @ngraham says that at the moment there is no possibility to hide/do not store in clipoard history a password copied in KeePassXC.
Well, that is what i am experiencing too, when i copy a password inside KeePassXC, it goes in the clipboard history (Plasma 6).

Therefore, i filled a bug on KeePassXC git side http s://

They say me that the “x-kde-passwordManagerHint” metadata hint is managed in the app.
We can see it here in the code : http s://

So, in theory kde clipboard app should not store it into clipboard history…?

I really do not understand what’s the matter. What does not work ?
Does anybody have the clue of this story ?

Thank you a lot

ps: i put a space between ‘p’ and ‘s’ of my links because i have an error message, i cannot insert links.

Can you be specific about exactly what is not working? What specifically are you doing, and what happens instead of the thing you expect to happen, and what is the thing you espect to happen?

Hi @ngraham , sure i will be more accurate.

I open KeePassXC → Edit an entry (whatever entry) → I toggle a password to reveal it in the password field–> i copy that password.

At this point i except the password to be cleared after the timeout. Indeed in KeePassXC there is a option, “Clear clipboard after” and you decide the duration, i put 10 seconds.

After those 10 seconds, no password is cleared in my clipboard, it’s still present in clipboard history and in the buffer.

This is how i understand it would work no ?

Thank you

It sounds like this feature isn’t working properly on Wayland, but KeepassX fails to hide the UI for it in this case, letting you try to use it and failing. I think it should probably hide the setting to avoid confusing people.

I am using X11, not Wayland…

Works fine for me on Fedora on Wayland, and I can’t remember a time where it didn’t. In fact the passwords don’t show up in the clipboard history at all. I can just paste the password for ten seconds, and then I can’t.

Have you tried this on Wayland?

Yes, i tried on X11 and i am right now experiencing the same issue with Wayland :sleepy:

You need to use the dedicated button in the toolbar for the automatic clipboard clearing to work. When you copy the password from the input field then it won’t work.

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Oh, yes ! That’s way better like that, i can see a countdown and my password is not copied anymore in plasma clipboard.

But it’s still present in the buffer, i mean if i open Kate, and then right-click → paste, i can paste it.
Do you have also this behavior when you paste it like that ?

Thank you.

Yes, but only until the timer times out. Once the timer is cleared, I can’t paste it anymore, as it should be.

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I unchecked the option ‘Clear clipboard after’ and then checked it again, and now, it behaves as it should be, very weird !
Thank you for your help!