Colour Management - X11 and Wayland

As a photographer, I am concerned that when I process my pictures that this is done in a properly colour managed environment. This I can do with KDE sitting on top of X11. However, as X11 gradually goes away and is replaced by Wayland, this becomes more difficult.

I realise that KDE sits on a layer above X11 and Wayland, but I wonder what, if anything, the developers can do to ensure a properly colour managed environment.


Wayland doesn’t yet have colour management protocol finalised. There is on going work for it.

You can read the discussion about it here - Wayland color management - Software -

A blog post by the person who is working on it - Developing Wayland Color Management and High Dynamic Range

Here is the issue for kwin - Color management on Wayland (#11) · Issues · Plasma / KWin · GitLab

There is also a merge request on free desktop gitlab you can follow it. The working is ongoing since 2019-2020 and I think it will take some more years for it to properly stabilise and it will take more time to get proper wayland support in the calibration devices and software.

In my opinion X11 is best bet for creative work for atleast 3-4 years.