Compile Statements

I have csv format statements from multiple sources e.g. Banks, PayPal, Uber etc each with headers unique to them and a few headers could be similar e.g. Transaction Date, Debit, Credit, Descriptions etc. While I want to maintain these statement separately and in their original format I also want to maintain a unified ledger containing selective common fields from all these statements. Appreciate all guidance.

It’s not clear what your question is. Are you aware you can have multiple csv import profiles, and use one specific to each source. In general, in KMyMoney, you create a separate account to match each real world account you want to track. Note that just because you have an account for a service like Uber, youi probably do not consider that a financial account, and the transactions you would import from Uber would be imported into the account which you used to pay for each ride, not an Uber account. If you paid for some rides with one credit card, and other rides with a different credit card, you would need to split the Uber csv into one to be imported for each credit card. I suppose you could create an Uber account in KMM (treat it like a credit card?) where the Uber imports are like charges, and then use transfers from a credit card or checking account to record when you pay Uber. KMM can be quite flexible, so it is important you know what you want to accomplish.

When you say you want a unified ledger, you really can’t have a single ledger for all accounts, as it would not make any sense to have a rolling balance, for example. If you want to list ALL your transactions (such as for a given period of time) you could use a Report, which can include information from multiple accounts.

Does this give you enough information to decide how to proceed? If not, we can’t really help you decide what you want to do, but we can help figure out how to do it in KMM, once you have a goal.

Thanks a lot for your comments. I will re-evaluate my understanding and revert.