Controlling placement of icons on desktop

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In general, it’s obviously OK for application windows to hide icons on the desktop. However, I run a system montitor, which is always on my desktop, always in the same place. Is there any way to prevent new icons (such as from downloading files with a browser) from being created behind that window?
I’ve thought about (but not yet tried) creating a widget the same size as the app window and placing the app over the widget. That assumes that icons would not be placed behind a desktop widget, but I don’t even know if that is true.
Any other suggestions?

Edit: I’m on ArtixLinux (updated) with plasma 6.0.4.

widgets and desktop icons are on separate layers so there is no way to get them to directly interact.

what i do is set each monitor to have new icons placed vertically along the right edge (configure desktop/icons) and i just don’t put any widgets in that part of the screen.

in fact i don’t use widgets much at all and prefer panels instead as the desktop icons will not go behind those.

i have monitors all set up in a panel like this along one edge of the main monitor.


I also use panels (although usually just one, which I place on the top of the monitor.) My issue is not between icons and widgets, which I don’t use very often, it is between icons and windows. On my laptop, I keep the system monitor app in the upper right, so I just changed icons to be top to bottom, starting along the left, and I think that will have the effect I want, although it will take some time to get used to. The only reason I don’t have the problem on my desktop is that I have two monitors, with the system monitor on the left and all desktop icons on the right monitor.
If I could get the desktop to just not put new icons behind any shown application, that would work, although putting it that way, I can see the desktop doesn’t necessarily know where any windows are located.

that’s right… the whole point of a desktop is you can cover it with windows and this covers both icons and widgets.

these layers don’t really interact with each other… widgets don’t know where you have placed icons and windows don’t know where you have placed widgets (or icons).

panels are the only thing that cuts thru all that, but they tend to hug the edges of the screen, even if you make it a floating panel (at least for me on 5.27).

you can set each monitor to have their own unique desktop folder behavior, up to and including not allowing icons at all by choosing Desktop layout rather than Folder View.

Now that I think about it, I don’t need the desktop to know about widgets or applications. I would just like the ability to tell it not to put any icons in a specified area of the screen. If I were to file a wishlist bug, which component would be most appropriate to file against?

i’m thinking kwin, but i’m no expert.