Copy & Past from to QEMU/KVM not works under Wayland

Following i will insert my post to Wayland-developers that means this’s a desktop-environment problem:


  • The issue is also here described.
  • Installed Debian 12-KDE that use “Wayland” & Garuda-Linux(KDE) that use “X11” in “QEMU/KVM”.
  • On Garuda-Client using “X11” can i copy&paste from/to Clippboard between host & client.
  • On Debian using “Wayland” is that not possible because spice-vdagent is dedicated to “X11” and not “Wayland”.


  • I’m not a coder and even don’t know if this “problem” should be solved from KDE/Plasma or Wayland, but…


  • Is there another virtualization that don’t have this problem?
  • Could you consider this issue due the fact people use intensively WM before install OS on bare-metal?


  • The “ext4” is ‘dead-walking’, many distros use already ‘btrfs’ and many users opt to use ‘zfs’, hence the WM are now indispensable to test the OS & copy/paste configurations-files/-scripts.

Thanks in advance and best regards

On the arch wiki I could not find any specific wayland issues.
QEMU - ArchWiki

There are some issues with copy paste detailed here:
QEMU - ArchWiki
QEMU - ArchWiki

Maybe you find anything useful there.

Thanks for your efforts, but i know all these posts/wiki but didn’t help.
The host is an ‘Artix-Linux’ without ‘systemd’, the two clients are one ‘Garuda-kde’, an arch-linux-derivate, using by default x11 and the second is a ‘debian-kde’ using by default ‘wayland’

So, installing ‘dbus-x11’ the machine switch automatically to ‘x11’ but still don’t let enable ‘qemu-vdagent’ = no change at all.

I would contercheck the configuration of my ‘QEMU/KVM’ but:

  1. It’s works with Garuda & maybe don;t make sense.
  2. As from Arch-Wiki usual, they don’t explain where is this configuration file for countercheck or modify.

Again, thank you so much but didn’t help.

Another problem the kde-developers push to distros = wayland push to kde, kde push to distro & the user stay on the rain.

I believe this needs to be fixed on the spice-vdagent side to use the wlr-data-control-unstable-v1 protocol that enables this type of functionality on KDE Wayland.

The developers may wish to wait for the protocol to be stabilized first, which is outside the scope of KDE.

I vote that you use the Remote Desktop Protocol whenever you want GUI in your VMs.

Does KDE connect work with Wayland?

With Windows in qemu/kvm, I found it easy to just install KDE Connect in Windows, and connect it to KDE connect in the host, and share the clipboard that way.