Copy Sensitive Info without Saving it to Clipboard History

Hello developers, I just wanna know whether there is a keyboard shortcut or any way to copy item to the clipboard without storing it to the clipboard history?

I came to know about this in KeePassXC where when I copy username, password or TOTP etc. I can paste it, but it doesn’t exist in the clipboard history.

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you can simply highlight and then paste without doing the “copy” or “cut” step and if you decouple the selection from the clipboard under the config settings then clipboard will never have a record of it.

at least that’s they it reads to me.

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At the moment there is not.

The best solution here is for apps that let you copy a password to set the special mime data hint along with it that automatically makes it not get saved to history. See my explanation in 470123 – Hide clipboard entries that are likely to be passwords.