Copy Sensitive Info without Saving it to Clipboard History

Hello developers, I just wanna know whether there is a keyboard shortcut or any way to copy item to the clipboard without storing it to the clipboard history?

I came to know about this in KeePassXC where when I copy username, password or TOTP etc. I can paste it, but it doesn’t exist in the clipboard history.

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you can simply highlight and then paste without doing the “copy” or “cut” step and if you decouple the selection from the clipboard under the config settings then clipboard will never have a record of it.

at least that’s they it reads to me.

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At the moment there is not.

The best solution here is for apps that let you copy a password to set the special mime data hint along with it that automatically makes it not get saved to history. See my explanation in 470123 – Hide clipboard entries that are likely to be passwords.


Hi @ngraham, yesterday, i filled a bug on KeePassXC side, indeed, when i copy a password within it, plasma clipboard store it into history.

I got this reply :

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I have been answered that there is no issue with Klipper and KeePassXC effectively delete passwords after the timeout.
Well, i do not understand because it does not work on my side and according to what i read, you tell the same thing.

I do not understand really what’s the matter.
Do you have the clue ?

Thank you for your help.

ps : i put a space between the ‘p’ and ‘s’ on the link because i cannot insert them yet apparently.

That’s not exactly what it does. What the KeepassX developer is telling you is that the app sets the special metadata hint so that the copied password never gets saved into the history to begin with. He said it works as expected for him. Not being a user of that software, I can’t verify this claim myself.

Yes, that’s right but that’s annoying :slight_smile:

What i am supposed to do in order to move forward collectively ?

Well, if everything is working as intended… then nothing, I guess.

No no, what ? Everything is not working as intended, that’s not the point.

Sorry, but, once again, it does not work as intended as i said, no password is cleared after the timeout…
Moreover, i have read that in the past, there was an option, within clipboard in order to prevent from any password to be copied, which does not exist anymore → do you think i would be do-able to have this feature back ?

So, no, definitely, i just want to know which app has to be modified/changed, either plasma clipboard or keepassxc.

Thank you

I just tested in in KDE 6.0.4 and it works as expected: the password I copied didn’t end up in clipboard’s history and also it got cleared after some time.

Hello Fellow Developers,
I created this thread and I don’t know how it ended-up in a bug report. Everything works fine with KDE and KeePassXC. I just wanted to know whether it was possible to extend the behavior of KeePassXC copying credentials from database without storing it to clipboard to outside of application. Like, maybe we can have a global keyboard shortcut (like META + ALT + V) to copy the data but not store it to clipboard. I mean, I can just simply delete the latest copy from the clipboard’s history but there’s no shortcut for that too…

PS: It’d also be good if the KDE Community includes a global shortcut to edit the latest clipboard history (Kubuntu has it but KDE neon doesn’t).

Yes, indeed, KeePassXC behaves as it should when using the copy button in the toolbar.
But I thought that using control-c to copy the password in the password field would also prevent from have it into clipboard history, that was my mistake :smiling_face: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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This is the solution, one need to use the copy button in KeePassXC toolbar for that.

oh! Well… I usually right click on the entry and choose “copy password”