Copying titles? New instance vs. pointers?


I have recently changed to kdenlive because I was not happy with my commercial product. It works fine so far (although system ressource management is the biggest issue in my view).

One thing confuses me: I use quite a lot of captions for descriptions in my videos.
This workflow worked best by just creating one caption (title and a semi-transparent image underneath) and copying them. In kdenlive I tried the same thing, but copying titles only sometimes creates a new instance of that object while in most cases it just creates a pointer to the original title object, with one change affecting all other copied titles.
I did not find any option how to create a new instance of the title every time.
Can someone help me there?

Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

There is an option that lets you add the edited title as a new clip:


Do you copy the title in the project bin or in the timeline? If you copy in the timeline it indeed is a copy of (or better: pointer to) the same clip from the project bin; if you copy in the project bin it creates a true copy which you can change and rename independently from the original.

Have you tried the title-template feature? It has saved me a lot of time when I have similar titles, where only the text needs to be changed.

See: title-template


Thanks for the remarks!

Of course I use templates, and I can copy the clip in the project bin.

BUT I want to copy two objects at the same time, plus fade-in and fade-out for both:
1 track the subtitle text
1 track the underlying graphics.
So I keep everything together with the effects and the proper length aligned.

Everything else does not save me time, I do it that way anyway.

Thanks and cheers!