Custom application lists for each start menu

I want to have certain applications for each start menu, for example, I have the main app launcher at top-right in one panel were there’s all my apps, another launcher in the same panel only with the following apps: GIMP, LMMS, Godot Engine, Blender and Krita. On the bottom, one dashboard launcher containing only the following folders: Downloads, Music, Projects and Images.
That was an example but I want to know if that’s possible beacuse I tried it, but all the start menus use the same system application list. Yes, I know I can edit it, but I want to have different start menus with different application lists.

This is not possible with on-board tools, as far as I know. You can try it yourself by placing several starters on the panel. You will notice that as soon as an entry in one starter is changed in any way, it will also change in the other starters. Maybe an extension or a different dock like Cairo-Dock will help, but you’ll have to find out.

My tip is to use the keyboard to call the programs. Pressing the WinDos key (Meta) opens the application launcher and any further keyboard input is completed and the return key starts the application. It doesn’t get any faster than that. Just as an example.

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