D-Bus command to change the URL of the folder shown in dolphin

Is there a D-Bus command to change the URL of the currently active folder shown in Dolphin? I have found the ‘openDirectories’ method, but it opens a new tab. What I would like to do instead is changed the current directory shown in the current tab.

I am using Dolphin 21.12, btw.

(Background: what I would like to ultimately do is sync the dolphin folder view with my terminal directory. This happens automatically when I use a plain Konsole terminal, but it fails when I use tmux within Konsole. I therefore would like to define a shortcut that sync’s the dolphin folder view with the current directory I am in)

You can’t do that.

Why do you need to change the currently opened directory from outside Dolphin ?

As a side note you can use file-manager-interface

Konsole only tracks the working directory of the immediate child, so any nested shell won’t get updated.

You can however manually emit it via OSC 7. Put this in ~/.tmux.conf:

set -g allow-passthrough on

and this in .bashrc:

PROMPT_COMMAND='echo -ne "\033Ptmux;\033\033]7;file://${HOSTNAME}${PWD}\033\033\033\\"'