Ddcutil and powerdevil in conflict?

Since Plasma 6 (in Manjaro Wayland) my PC wakes up with different brightness settings (much lower) than when it went to sleep.

In Plasma 5 this was not the case.

I am using ddcutil to set both brightness and contrast, e.g

ddcutil setvcp 10 81 12 76

When the computer wakes from sleep, the ddc brightness setting that is known to powerdevil, is restored. (I guess)

My question: How can powerdevil be persuaded to not change ddc settings?

nb in ddcutilrc I have added (as adviced by the developer) options: --disable-cross-instance-locks

PowerDevil got a fix that solves this issue, as per merge request !333 / Bug 481793. The fix will be in 6.1.0 but has so far not been backported to the 6.0.x stable release branch (a number of other changes in the display handling code since 6.0 make backporting a little more work than usual).

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