Delegate search requests from Dolphin to KFind

Is there any way to delegate search requests from Dolphin to KFind without needing to open KFind interface, and receive results inside Dolphin view. Because for now Dolphin search is totally broken and always returns wrong results.

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No there isn’t, hence the “More Search Tools” option on the toolbar. I think that’s the best you’re going to get :slight_smile:

I don’t understand why can’t Dolphin use the same search library used by KFind ? Both are under the same KDE Umbrella.

It’s because you’re expected to use Baloo, and no one has been willing to implement a KFind backend.

Oh, that Baloo nightmare again :scream:, I wish if it and that Akonadi disappear from Plasma.

I’d suggest submitting bug reports about the things that aren’t working with Baloo for you, which will be more likely to get positive results compared to idly complaining and fantasizing about things that won’t happen.


Done. :slight_smile: 475326 – Search doesn't return items based on substring comparing


if you go back and search again now, do you still get the same baloo result?

i’m noticing the files you were searching are only 5min old at the time and perhaps there is some lag in the indexing… at least i know it works that way with metadata.

Even if you repeat the search after a long time, nothing changes.

What is even weird is the result of searching for “*data”:

This is really frustrating.

i would add that image to your bug report as well then.