Delete empty spaces in one operation

I have a portion of original video, and I have used the scissor tool to cut out sections that I don’t want in the final video. However, I have cut out many sections, and it is tedious to delete each one individually. I would like to be able to delete all of the empty spaces in one operation, so that the video is continuous.
Can anyone help me with this? How can I make this happen?

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Menu > Timeline > Current Track > Remove all space after cursor

For me, it only removes 1 empty space at a time.

I believe he wants to remove all empty spaces in 1 operation, and not repeat the operation 50 times.

Have you checked this: Timeline Menu — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation ?

Did you try it yourself? With your link, to delete several spaces in different places in one go?

To follow the method in your link?
Because reading the guide I don’t see how it’s possible.

Yes, I did. Menu > Timeline > Current Track > Remove all spaces after cursor does exactly that: removes all space between all clips in the active (= highlighted) track.

Menu > Timeline > Space > Remove Space in all tracks behaves differently: It removes space depending on the active track and where the playhead sits, and it does not remove all space in all tracks.

I agree that the documentation needs to be more precise in describing what each function does and from where it is called (i.e. right-click in the timeline or via the Menu)

Try the Extract Clip function (Ctrl+Shift+X) to remove a cut section and slide everything to the right over to the left to close the gap instead of simply deleting the cut clip and end up with many gaps