Delete "site feedback" category

This category is probably not so useful anymore now that Discuss has been rolled out publicly, and I think it certainly doesn’t deserve to be shown so prominently above other sections like Help. I’d recommend deleting this category and then I’ll create a Bugzilla product for Discuss on so we can use the typical feedback workflow already used for other sites.

(and yes, I’m aware of the irony of posting in the Site Feedback category to request its destruction!)


Sounds good to me. Note there is already a bugs.kde product for this - Components for


So there is! All the more reason to delete the category IMO.

Sometimes the feedback will be in the form of discussion. Sometimes there would need to create discussion about this discussion forum at that time this category would be helpful. A bug report mechanism based on our bugzilla is good but it will not be a replacement for a discussion I think. A bug report would be for technical glitches or some other things. But a feedback can be in any form like a opinion on how this forum is run, an opinion or a poll for some decisions regarding this forum. Discussions and bug report are distinct. So in my opinion it is not good to delete this category.

Maybe leave it as is for few more months (after all this site is still very new). After that, maybe merge it with General/Offtopic or Brainstorm and use tags for sitefeedback.

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