Deletion of silent and unchanged frames

I make screen recordings with the OBS programme and prepare training videos with kdenlive. It pauses in many places while screen recording. There is no change on the screen and there is no sound.
I spend a lot of time to remove these silent and unchanged parts from the recorded videos.
Is there a method or a plugin that will do this job easily and quickly in Kdenlive?
If not, I suggest adding this feature in the next versions.

Actually the process seems to be simple.
The active frame in the video clip is compared with the previous one.
If the frames are the same and silent (or below a certain volume), the active frame will be deleted.
Then the next frame will be the active frame.
The same process will continue.
If the frames are different, the process will be completed.

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Silence removal, see here: Speech to Text — Kdenlive Manual 23.08 documentation

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I didn’t know this method. Good to know. Thank you for this.
However, what I want is similar to this method, but something different.