Dell System Firmware unable to install

/boot/efi does not have sufficient space, required 54.8 MB, got 41.8 MB

Created extra unallocated space via Windows 11 - if that can help.

What to do next?
Re-install with manual partitioning instead?

Dual booting with Win 11.

Is there a USB version of the firmware update?

Have no idea.

Never had to look for one before.

Think it’ll be easier to re-install with manual partitioning.

Maybe i should post this separately:

Btw, noticed remnants of previous Linux systems installed in the boot/efi sector.
Not that it bothers anything (maybe?).
Is it possible to simply delete them via KDE Neon?

I’m not a Neon guy, so I cannot answer that.

Another thought, can you attempt to update the BIOS from a live USB thumb drive?

Another thought, you may be able to do it through something like Hiren’s boot disk. This uses the Windows Pre-install Environment. That should allow you to run the update from the Dell support page.

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Tried installing again with KDE doing all the work “alongside Windows” this time, but it failed as well.

So, did it manually, and everything is fine now.

Thank you for your follow-up.
Never know, could be handy for someone! :wink: