Design decisions: Panels' shadow color and their "pop outs'"

Thank you for adding shadows to the floating panel (not in 5.27).
However I think it would be a cool design decision to have them (as well as the start menus’ and the Systray éxpanding on ^, unsure about notification bubbles, but they also are restricted to black shadows I think) adapt the color that you set for Window Decoration. It’s just a more consistent theming if you adjust the defaults and also logical.

In my use/rice case (:)) I use galaxy backgrounds, and have withish shadows (color pick from stars) that “float on the universe”. Would be nice if the rest would optically “stick out” like the windows are.

Would like to create wishlist-reports on bugs.kde.
Then do for systray and startmenus and panels? Or just tell it à Niccolo somehow?

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