Design decisions: Popping out of floating panel: adjust its animation

Since Plasma 6, pop outs of the floating panel are not anymore attached to it and float themselves (systray ^, application launcher and alternatives). Which is very nice and logical from a design perspective.
However the animation is not fitting. The above just pop out behind an invisible wall.
The optimum eye-candy adjustment would be from my perspective one of 3:

  1. use the Squash desktop effect for it
  2. use the Magic Lamp effect right from the panels position. (It would not be a thorn in your eye if you don’t use the effect for windows)
  3. adjust the spot of the current animation to the panel, then let the pop out float to its position.

Will make a bug-wishlist-entry. But please leave your opinion here.
Can I create polls as a just starting user?

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I can see where you are coming from if using the default settings for the panel and notifications, have never thought about this much since I rarely use the panel and my notifications are set to display on the top right which is the opposite side to my panel and just noticeable enough for me to see but not be bothersome. I can see how this would be nice though.

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Yes, notifications do not touch this topic, they’re perfectly animated. :heartbeat:

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I think I have completly misunderstood you than and still can’t make sense of it (sorry) its probably another feature I don’t use

Sorry I can’t record it since I’m on 5.27.
When you have your panel floating and you open application launcher or open the ^ button of the system tray. I mean this animation.
sry no english native, minetruly :slight_smile:
i just called it “pop out” to not be confused with pop up (like in notification)
Willing to make that clear though unable to record it right now.

I’m trying to think of what program I used for this I think it was kazam, would help to show what you mean.

Don’t appoligize for this hey lol, you type it/translate it better than me

If you can try with Kazam or similar it would probaly help a lot, thanks for understanding my misunderstanding

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