Desktop switching - an annoying behaviour

I have just upgraded from Debian 11 to Debian 12, so from plasmashell 5.20.5 to plasmashell 5.27.5.

I have configured 12 virtual desktops (mostly because it matches my 12 F-keys), and I start several applications, each on its own desktop - like email on the first, browser on the second etc. What I have noticed is that when I open a new application that is configured to run on a certain desktop, that desktop immediately comes into focus. This may be desitable to some, or perhaps even to most, but it annoys me a lot; I like to open the applications I know I will need, and then start working on page one, as it were.

Is there a way to disable this behaviour? I think it is a new thing - I certainly don’t recall having had to disable it before.

There may be a few options that could affect this, though I’m not sure which specifically may help or hinder so I’m going on what I think might have an effect, at least based on my experience.

In System Settings, under Window Management > Window Behavior > Focus, you may need to adjust your Focus stealing prevention setting. I have mine set to Low, but you don’t want it set to None as that will cause all windows to be focused. Setting this to a higher level may help, but it may not and this leads to the following that I would run into.

What I’ve also found is that if you’re on an empty virtual desktop and open an application that is meant to open on another desktop, then it will switch to the virtual desktop that the application is opening on. If I want to open additional applications that will open on other virtual desktops but don’t want to switch to application immediately, I’ll make sure I’m on a virtual desktop where something is open on. For instance, I’ll normally open a file manager on Desktop 1, so the other applications that are meant to go to other virtual desktops will load there, but I’ll stay on the virtual desktop I’m on.