Devices disappear from device manager when unmounted

I’m using KDE Plasma version 5.27.5 and KDE Frameworks version 5.103.0 on Debian 12.5 Bookworm.

I noticed that when I connect a USB storage device, it opens the device manager. If I then mount it, use it, and unmount it, it disappears from the device manager until I disconnect it and reconnect it. Is there a way to configure the device manager so it continues to display the device? Is there a way to cause the device manager to scan again?

in Disks & Devices from the system tray you can configure disconnected devices to automount on login and/or attach which should mean it will show in discover.

now if you eject a removable device, i have noticed that you do need to remove and reattach it before it will be recognized again… i don’t know that unmounting it does the same thing but there’s really no need to unmount it unless you are going to remove it (to make sure all the data is written first).

“unmounting” in Dolphin (and in the system tray window) IIRC also detatches the device, so it disappears.
But you manually running umount in a terminal should not remove it…

does simply running unmount in a terminal run the risk of data loss if there is still unwritten data in the buffer?

i know the eject feature from the GUI protects against it.

No, because if the device is busy, you will get an error stating: “the device is busy”… xD

This obviously implies you do not add any kind of “force” options to the umount command.

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