Did you really fix all the problems with 23+

:grinning: Back in the good old days KDEnlive v10 the editor was about the best there was. I had a Debian computer and I think only once in a year’s time did it crash.

In v16 and v 19+ I have run overs, crashes worse than a Win 3.1 computer and I spend hours getting it to work and I do. But the next time everything is back to Win 3.1 quality. And yes, I saved my changes.

It’s so bad I have been using OpenShot to do my editing because I am so far behind on everything I have to do. So my question is, 'Are all these problems fixed 23. I’m not going to waste my time just to have another version behave like a three year old brat.

I don’t mind having to tweak, but only once. I am using Mint Linux and my editing computer is the top end AMD water cooled cpu and the top end video card, not what is on the motherboard. In otherwords, I have the horsepower to do the job. :grinning:

Hold your horses until 23.04.1 comes out

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Kdenlive needs more “bug fixing” and less more “NEW FEATURES” … btw i used Kdenlive to publish more than 600 videos on youtube (using Windows version) … and most crashes i have are when using a lot “UNDO” , extracting frames from clips or doing a lot of CUTs on a clip changing effects on every cutted pieces (and again using UNDO on them)

the major issues (for me) right now are the motion tracker : Is Motion Tracker working? (#1353) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab … and the transform effect that is working badly on “rotated” clips (using the clip properties panel) [Transform effect] centering/align is not working anymore (correctly) on rotated clips. (#1674) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab

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Important thoughts are addressed here: What does Kdenlive really need? I.e. what do the people who work with Kdenlive really need?

Especially in the Linux world, good video editors are scarce and Kdenlive has been my absolute favorite for years. While I have only cut about 70 videos for my channel on peer.tube.de with Kdenlive - problems occurred once before when an update made rendering impossible. But otherwise everything went very well almost all the time. Real data loss I had with Kdenlive not, the recovery works acceptably well.

But it’s really a shame that the developers of Kdenlive may not even be aware of where the journey is going.

Let me use the magic word: Professional. No professional uses Kdenlive because this or that new gadget has finally been implemented, but because he wants to work on his project, i.e. edit a video - no more and no less. Functions that simply work badly or not at all are the reason why a serious user looks around for another software.

For Linux, there is nothing better than Kdenlive - that’s a shame, but also a great opportunity for this software, because people like me, can’t leave and stick ironclad to Kdenlive.

Maybe this will encourage developers to return to the motto: Few is more.

The problem with stability is not the worst. All video editors are more or less unstable. Even DaVinci Resolve and also Premiere. One can and must live with occasional crashes. It would be wonderful if Kdenlive would increase in reliability. That also means that the offered filters and functions also work.

I hope and trust that Kdenlive will become an adult.

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I came out of broadcasting and learned video editing on 2 inch quad tape using a razor blade and editing on the sync pulse. I used to have a Sony U-matic editing system and when I gave up on Windows and Apple and went Linux, I started using KDEnlive back with version 10 and if I had a problem it was my fault, not the software. Now, I do a dissolve and when I render, it looked like an old out of sync issue.

90% I do are keys, dissolves, and cuts. Occasionally I do zooms or crawls, but I like sticking with the basics. I got a response from someone who said “Hold your Horses for 23.*.”

If I was rich and famous, I’m neither, I would go back to version 10 and have the best coders modernize for today. With v19 it looked like Apple coders who know nothing about labeling messed things up. Instead of using terms like delete or cut, they use terminology that came from some novel that no one ever read.

Openshot is more stable these days. I had DaVinci on a previous computer but did not bring it over because I never used it other than getting to know how it worked.

I’m getting a gut feeling that coders are being paid to mess up Linux software, this include Mint. Thanks for the comments.

If you are doing this type of video editing, you might want to add an extra hard drive dual boot over to Linux. In fact, Windows is starting to sneak Linux into their software. I miss version 10. Be safe.

Hello @themichiganoldfarmer
things aren’t that bad for Kdenlive. It’s good, you can do a lot with it and edit rock solid videos.
You have to remember that. Kdenlive is good - only sometimes it gets worse with an update - but these bugs were always fixed quickly and safely. Will certainly be the same this time.


Unfortunately, 23.04.1 also has some major issues… Right now I’m trying to find workarounds for following problem (I have Manjaro):

  • version installed from Snap does not start at all.
  • version installed as package from AUR works, but everytime when I open saved project for the first time, it crashes. Every single time I need to repeat my attempt, and second attempt mostly lead to success.

I think I need to report a bug but I don’t know where application’s logs are stored. Could please someone tell me where to locate them?

For crash reporting see: Guidelines and HOWTOs/Debugging/How to create useful crash reports - KDE Community Wiki

If you are comfortable using the bugtracker, you should check if there is already a bug filed.

For Logs you can see if you find anything in journald: systemd/Journal - ArchWiki


Hello @drevoborod,
are you downgrading to a stable version? That is very easy with Manjaro.
Just in case you don’t know it yet:

  1. install downgrade
  2. (terminal:) DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 sudo downgrade --ala-only kdenlive

And now I can wait patiently until a stable new version is released. Or I can use this one and have no problems with it:

Thank you, but which version of Kdenlive is stable enough to downgrade to? Or I just need to use “downgrade” command exactly as in your example?
With AppImage, as I mentioned before, there are problems with saved projects reopening - the application crashes on first attempt. And I’m not sure that there are no other critical issues that I haven’t faced yet…

  1. innstall: dwongrade (whith pamac or pacman terminal).
  2. acitvate downgrade in pamac:
  3. timpe in terminal:
    DOWNGRADE_FROM_ALA=1 sudo downgrade --ala-only kdenlive
  4. choose:
    No.: 93 = Kdenlive 22.12.3
  5. choose in pamac Settings:
    Ignore Upgrades: kdenlive

And after that everything is as wonderful and good as before the bugy update.
If you have more questions, don’t be afraid to ask them.


Just tried Openshot (used it several years ago) but noticed that it doesn’t satisfy my current needs - it doesn’t support multiple audio tracks in one video file.

Thank you, I’ll try it if will notice that newest version is too buggy.

Hello @drevoborod,
Yes, I know that: as soon as something doesn’t work properly, you look at the others. That’s what I do, too. But I always come back to Kdenlive because it’s by far the one that can do what I need. And when I got to know the downgrade, it became much easier for me when a software (LibreOffice, wine etc.) was too new and too unstable. A few clicks and everything is as good as before.
Stick with Kdenlive, you won’t regret it. And for Linux there is nothing better anyway.

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