Digikam on Fedora38 won't run

Hi to you all - first post.
Installed Digikam 8.1from FC software manager on FC38 using AMD Athlon™ II X2 260 Processor; Gnome desktop. DK “help” sent me to this forum.
(I need to open and use DK databases made using DK v4. ex: digikam4 .db).

Clicking DK icon just crashed GNOME. No further actions.

    • Anybody know / show how to fix the crash problem?
    • Can I install an earlier version (about v4.13 etc) on FC38?

You can try running it from the command line and see the error messages in the terminal window.

Thanks - Will bear that in mind to try later.
In the meantime I uninstalled it and reinstalled chosing Fedora Software - Flatpack as the source. It now seems to work!

But has a separate problem (I’ll create a new thread in a while)

I suspect the issue you were having was missing framework files that would have been included in Plasma, but since you are running a KDE app in Gnome, they are missing. The errors shown in the command line would tell what you need to install. The Flatpak version has everything it needs, so this is not a problem.

Wilson, Thank you for your advice.

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