Direct share without opening app?

I can select text on my Android and pick share from the popup and find KDE. This does not share to the clipboard.

Is there a way to do a direct share rather than having to save the text to the clipboard first and then opening the KDE app and selecting send to clipboard.

Depends on the App executing on the Android pocket telephone –

  • Signal doesn’t – at least for what I tried …
    At least for text but, I’m editing because I’ve noticed an “Emoji” which I inadvertently sent to the KDE Plasma desktop – which was dropped into a /tmp/kdeconnect_xxx directory …

  • 1&1 e-Mail does – select text in an e-Mail – select “Share” and then select “KDE Connect” « which has an active connection … » – the selected text pops up on the KDE Plasma session in an “unnamed” Kate window (there ain’t no saved file) …
    Only the following empty files in /tmp –

 > file qipc_s*
qipc_sharedmemory_KGXlaWRzehDShczdDGFWUynHcaTVIMNjlI76a1cbce4233df56954d13748726bc60744c2397: empty
qipc_systemsem_KGXlaWRzehDShczdDGFWUynHcaTVIMNjlI76a1cbce4233df56954d13748726bc60744c2397:    empty

I’m not sure what I do meets your use case…

I use KDE connect, and the clipboard gets shared, no extra clicking required.

I use it on my android phone but also in a Windows VM. This is super convenient for sharing the clipboard with Windows. There’s some complicated Spice-agent carry on which I failed at, but KDE connect does the job. Text only, though, images become an URL.