Directory of the files for System Settings. (Backing up for a fresh install)

As the title says, I want to know what are the files/folders of KDE’s system settings. I have a custom setting for Window Management, Applications and other settings. The only ones that had an export feature are the Window Rules and Shortcuts, but I wanted to know if there just a specific folder that has these configs and not just copy the entire ./config and ./local folders. Thanks

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I’ve used that script and made a backup to test on a live session. It didn’t backed up the settings (system settings*) but I’ll try again later. Thanks for responding

Sadly they’re not all in one place. Most* of the settings will be in ~/.config. There are some things like screen setup that live in ~/.local/share

Edit: If there’s anything specific you’re missing after that let me know and I might be able to hunt it down.

Hey man, the only configs that I care about saving is Window Management (Window Behavior and Task Switcher). That’s it, everything else can be easily configured or backed up. Thanks again for responding.

*If you can’t find it thats fine. I’ll take notes on what I’ll need to do.

Did a bit of poking and ~/.config/kwinrc handles Window Behaviour and Task Switcher.

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.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc has a lot of desktop settings, like panels and widgets, in an apparently convoluted mess that is not understandable. Even XML would be better. At times in the past it would get corrupted easily.

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I was able to get some of the settings back with that file after restarting thank you for the solution!

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