Display file date as 2024-03-05, not monday, tuesday etc

Hi, I have a question concerning the display of dates in the file manager and in applications. I am on Fedora 39, so still KDE 5, but maybe it is also relevant for KDE 6. What I want to do: I’d like to display file dates always as “2024-03-05…” and never as “Monday, Tuesday…”. By default, if the file day is from the current week, it will show it as “Tuesday” or something and not display the full date. I find that irritating.

It is the same with the display of EMail dates in Evolution, I think. There, it prevents proper sorting by date.

I guess there is some setting where you can change this behavior, but I simply cant find it unfortunately.

Depending on your Dolphin version, you can set something like this here:

ConfigureConfigure Dolphin…View ModesDetailsDate style:Absolute

This will result in always e.g. “05.03.24 09:26”, no more days.

Yes! Somehow I missed the Configure menu entry completely :grinning:

Still no luck with Evolution, but then, I isn’t really a KDE app, I forgot that. Thank you very much1

I implemented this feature a while back and of course, I thought about letting the user the hand to change the behavior. Details View: display dates as relative Short dates (!94) · Merge requests · System / Dolphin · GitLab

With dolphin 24.02 the option is easier to find, it was a bit too-buried before.