Does anyone else find this to be confusing?


I often mistake this and think it will take me to system settings. For most plasmoids the settings are normally done through a right click to access them or in edit mode.

I have never seen that.
What is it?

looks like a skinned krunner.

The default does not have such a cogwheel


Depends on the icon theme. But yeah, it does take you to the settings…of krunner.

It’s the top left of the menu. I rarely use it as I either launch things with krunner or a few shortcuts. The one in krunner for some reason seem to make sense that its a settings for it for some reason, but in the menu for some reason my brain tells me its for settings even when I know its not.

Yes krunner has it as well. I just realised why it’s one doesn’t bother me, I’m paying more attention to what I’m typing and it’s pretty much automatic so I’m not really focusing on it

O, my bad. Thought it was krunner. Had to put the default menu on my panel to see what you mean. Yeah, they might’ve put it in a right click>configure menu only and not in the menu itself I guess.

Yer I don’t really use it but it was more something that stuck out to me the few times I’ve used it

It’s not krunner, it’s kickoff

I think it would be beneficial to give a short description of what you’re talking about in the title instead of “does anyone else find this to be confusing?”

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oh, you are right. Well it looks the same (no cogwheel)


Imo it’s a bit stretched to think that this button is the Global Settings button, (there’s even a tooltip showing what it is) over so many years I haven’t read something like that before, also Desktop Environments need to be used and learnt as with everything I guess? It’s like that youtube video of a streamer I’ve been pointed to yesterday, who is a heavy WM user and complains about how KDE is broken because he can’t do the stuff he is used to do with a certain WM, expecting/thinking everything has to be “his way”, otherwise it’s bad.

I was more just posing a question to see if this was just me or not and I guess it just is. One day my brain might remember.

It’s following the standard used in other widgets. Most widgets (Klipper, Weather, Audio, Network, Power, Notifications, Display…) have that button to access to widget settings.

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It’s not just you, I’m also never sure what this button opens because I’m pretty sure it did at some point open systemsettings