Does KDE Plasma have a system-wide programmatically accessible contact storage?

I learnt recently that KDE Wallet actually works like Windows’ Credential Manager which is great, because it means that I can centrally poll installed credentials on my system using scripts.

However, it doesn’t appear to be as easy for contacts.

Android has Contacts Provider  |  Android Developers and GitHub - alexstyl/contactstore: A modern, strongly-typed contacts API for Android., and Windows provides the same ([Feature Request] Show contact names for commit authors instead of git names. · Issue #600 · Murmele/Gittyup · GitHub). However, I can’t find any information on any DE-specific Linux equivalent for local software to tap into. It seems like each application has to implement a CalDAV client, which seems unnecessary.

Considering that there is what seems to be some kind of exposure of contacts via the Online Accounts KCM, perhaps I’ve just missed it.

Thanks for any help.

You’re looking for Akonadi, which is integrated and used by applications like KAddressBook, KMail, Merkuro etc.

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Do you know whether there’s a distribution and DE-agnostic manner of getting such information, like a FreeDesktop standard? I’d like (ideally) to be able to acquire such information across GNOME and KDE Plasma.

(Akonadi probably works across both.)