Does KDE provide a how-to for the upgrade to Plasma 6?

I mean like a pre-install / post install in general.
such as:
pre: disable widgets, reset to default desktop layout…

I mean this is all common sense but people with much customization might forget things (klassy lightly) so a checklist would be nice :slight_smile:


Can’t speak for KDE, but this one avoids much hassle:

Do not upgrade a graphical desktop from within itself. Log out, log in as root with the CLUI and do the upgrade from there.

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There shouldn’t really be one. If anything within Plasma breaks, it’s our fault and we should fix it and ensure it doesn’t happen again!

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Following Plasma 6 landing on Manjaro stable branch before yesterday, so excluding NVIDIA problems with that mysterious black screen which forced the maintainers to retain X11 to be the default for automatic login upon new installation, most problems related to Plasma upgrade are due to its old third parties themes, icons and widgets, and the most common case is Plasma own old config files, even purging .cache doesn’t resolve it, and creating new user account is the only solution.

Other problems come from user actions after upgrading, like forcing the removal of Qt5 packages which are needed by many KDE/Qt apps that are not yet ported to Qt6, or installing their favorite and incompatible themes and widgets on top of Plasma 6.

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