Dolphin: ability to create hard links (11 years old feature request)

it’s been at least 11 years since by popular demand this request has been added to 328709 – Add a Hard link option when moving/copying files in Dolphin

people keep asking for it, but despite this demand it seems no one cares enough to actually implement it.

I also do not understand why dolphin is lacking this basic feature which is a significant advantage of using *nix filesystems. And joining the other I would find useful and practical to not have to be forced to open a terminal every time I have to deal with hard links.

I do understand this could considered an advanced feature, but then it is a simple matter of adding a toggle to enable it in the settings and have it disabled by default.

does someone knows why this has not been added to dolphin in over 10 years ? and give an update the current status of this request ?