dolphin address bar icon not themed properly

Hello there, everyone.
I’ve got a problem with dolphin icons for some time, but didn’t really had time to report it until now.
The issue is the following:


As you can see, the address bar’s icon is not themed for some reason. While I use Sweet-folders icons and almost whole dolphin UI uses these, only address bar icon is not themed correctly. It looks like some breeze or breath icon for me, but I’m not sure tbh.

I’m using manjaro linux and hyprland as compositor. On a kwin wayland session, the icon is still the same, however SOMETIMES it is displayed correctly.
The problem first occured at some point in between kf6 6.0.0 release (was not a problem at that time) and current 6.2.0 versions.
I tried looking for related bugs in KDE bug tracker, but found nothing, so I’m asking here.