[Dolphin] Custom User Commands

Here is a really desired feature that would mean so much to me, hopefully others will desire this as well.
KDE is so well known for all its customization / options and Linux is known for command line functionality that it seems like it is so meant to be, wouldn’t think I would have to ask for this one.

Looking to have the option added for users to be able to create their own custom toolbar buttons / commands / hotkeys assigned to them.
KDE already has this functionality available, could basically take the overall idea right from Krusader which uses “ActionMan”.

This feature would add so much customization options to Dolphin.
Anything you could do in a terminal, which in Linux is basically everything could be used.
Would allow users to be able to pass files to all kinds of other applications and commands.
The possibilities are endless!

Context Menu / Services are nice and they do serve a purpose, but custom buttons and hotkeys would be on another level. They would provide customization,functionality and instant access to the commands assigned to them.

This would be a very exciting feature to be added, hard to really find a reason not to add this one. Hopefully others agree

Thank you to anyone who reads this.

I have posted the same request here, if anyone is interested in this one please vote here.

Please don’t misunderstand, but if the Krusader File Manager already offers the desired features, wouldn’t it be easier to use it right away?