Dolphin doesnt display Names of mounted drives

So Dolphin doesnt display the names of the mounted drives correctly. I tried in in a different file manager (Nautilius) and it works… Anyone know a fix for that?

i just went into my partition manager and opened the properties for each of my linux partitions and added a label (they were blank previously) then choose apply.

after closing and reopening dolphin the labels i added are now shown as the name of the disks in the left panel

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I added the labels also, still no change. Even the drive where fedora is installed doesnt change its name.

EDIT: I had to delete the whole partition to get it work. Just formatting the drive didnt do it.

Rebooting, or login-out might have done the trick.

Also dolphin is a multi-process app, as long as it is not completely closed it won’t update the data that can’t be watched for changes like filesystem labels.