Dolphin Graphical Low-space Warning Threshold

I am using Dolphin 24.05.0 on an up-to-date EndeavourOS installation. Dolphin shows a list of devices on the left side of its window and there are small, graphical bars (similar to a “loading bar”) indicating the percentage of total disk space used.

Most of these bars appear partially-filled with my “accent color” I have set for KDE, but the bars turn red after a particular threshold is crossed in regards to the percentage of disk space used for that device. I would like to change this threshold but I am having trouble finding a way to do so.

I have found discussions explaining how to open up reserved space on ext4 file systems, but this is more of a workaround to change the bar color rather than changing the threshold itself.

I have also found discussions explaining that low-disk warning thresholds can be set by creating a file in the ~/.config directory with the name “freespacenotifierrc” and adding a [General] line followed by “minimumSpace=size in GB”. I have tried this but the graphical bars in dolphin remain unchanged, even after a reboot.

I am guessing that the file solution I just mentioned is for some sort of low disk-space notification that someone might receive, but I am getting no notifications about the low disk-space - I am just trying to change the graphical “warning” display within the dolphin window.

If anything is unclear or if I can provide more helpful information, please let me know. Thanks in advance for any help.

This threshold is currently hardcoded to 95% and has nothing to do with the freespacenotifier.

You could also hide the device, if the device is constantly filled above the threshold it might not be useful to have it displayed in the first place.

You can keep a place item for it to access the disk.

meven, thank you very much for your response! This answers my question perfectly.

The particular device showing a red bar is a 22TB HDD that I use frequently. I resized the ext4 reserved space to 100GB and there is about 960 GB of free un-reserved space still.

This is not a worrisome level of free space for me, but the color change to the graphic is still triggered. I would very much like to have all the devices show the same color for their “used space graphic” but I realize I’m probably being pretty particular here. It would be nice to be able to edit this threshold.

I appreciate your suggestion of hiding the device and adding it as a place instead. I may just do this to all the drives.

Thank you again for you help. I love KDE.