Dolphin is still raw? (Crash with no reason)

I had two moments when i was cleaning hard drives to format them to EXT4 and encounter strange behaviour.

First time i don’t know if Dolphin crashed, but when i was about to delete big folders from hard-drive (games). It was seems to be fine, but for unknown reason deleted folders still apeared on my hard drive. I had to reboot on WinPE to check disk and recover mess that did Dolphin.

Second time i was transfering again, big amount of files to delete partition on the future. And without any reason Dolphin crashed again. But at this time it defenetly corrupt some files, and im very pissed off from it.

Of course i could do it on WinPE at first place because my drives of course, is NTFS partitions. But really? I had to see that dolphin crash actually corrupt my partitions to make simple “Move/Delete” actions safer on WinPE??

I can’t trust dolphin as a file manager, and i swear to god, if its gonna do again but on EXT4 im gonna switch file manager. (should i format drive with zero’s because dolphin did a “little woopsie”?)