Dolphin not correcting misspelled names

Hi, when i right click on a misspelled file name, dolphin underlines in red and suggests spelling corrections.

I then select click on replace with the correct spelling, but it does not change the name ?

Using Kubuntu 23.04
Dolphin : 22.12.3


It looks like your Dolphin (and Kubuntu) is really outdated. We already have Dolphin 24.02.1, the Kubuntu release was about a year ago. In that time, many bugs have been fixed.
If you can reproduce this behavior with Dolphin 24.02.1 (by using other Linux distros like KDE Neon or whatever), consider filing a bug at

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Ok, correction here:

Kubuntu 23.04 will be supported for nine months until January 2024.

I never had any interest in Dolphin spellchecking file names, so I never realised this option even existed - and I just tried enabling this, and it doesn’t spellcheck when I edit filenames at all…

So this is interesting.

This article says so, but the screenshot just shows the selected filename is underlined (not spellchecked, no errors highlighted).
I’d like to hear if anyone else can show spell checking on filenames, I don’t think it’s a thing at all…

Certainly not working for me.

Please upgrade to Kubuntu 23.10 !
Kubuntu 23.04 has been out of support since 2024-01-20.

In Kubuntu 23.10 you will get Dolphin 23.08.1, and if you additionally enable the official Kubuntu Backports PPA you will get Dolphin 23.08.3 and Plasma 5.27.10

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Yes i have used it for many years in Kubuntu versions and it has always replaced any misspelled words on right click / rename.

Then i select the correct spelling and it corrects the spelling.

I think it has not been working correctly for many months.

I did not realise that I was not on the latest version of Kubuntu as I usually get a message saying to update, but I have not had one ? :upside_down_face: