Dolphin, Properties, Checksums: add B3SUM?

Debian: BLAKE3 is a cryptographic hash function that is much faster than MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2, SHA-3, and BLAKE2 and Secure, unlike MD5 and SHA-1. And secure against length extension. Note, This package includes binary “b3sum” which is built from official multithreaded implementation of BLAKE3 in rust.
Homepage: GitHub - BLAKE3-team/BLAKE3: the official Rust and C implementations of the BLAKE3 cryptographic hash function

Dolphin, Checksums: B3SUM (Montage, indexed colors)
Dolphin, Checksums: B3SUM (Montage, indexed colors)

From the news it does seem like a nice hash function for checksums. My only concern would be that we are encouraging people to use this somewhat new hash function by making a GUI for it. People who aren’t using Dolphin would need to figure out for themselves which software they need to compute this checksum. If Blake3 turns out to be unpopular within a few years and we would want to remove it from Dolphin as well, we might have caused users to create checksums that they can’t easily check in the future. However, since Blake3 is open source, even if we were to remove it from Dolphin due to low long-term popularity, users would still be able to compute those checksums using some other software.

I just looked up who designed Blake3 and it is a bunch of people in the crypto- and blockchain-scene. (One of the designers re-tweeted “To hell with […] the EU”.) Considering that one of KDE’s goals is to be environmentally sustainable, I kind of would like to stay away from crypto-currencies as much as possible. But maybe Blake3 is good even though it was designed for those purposes.

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