Dolphin settings Transfer to new installation

Kubuntu 22.04; Dolphin 21.12.3. Installed newer version via discovery.

How to transfer settings? (network, favorites,…)

Hi @ernestopheles!

In my system I see these files and folder related to Dolphin:


I’d guess copiyng those from your old user should be sufficient.



Thanks, I have seen that already. But: There is no old user, I just installed another instance of dolphin. Can not find any configurations for favorites or remotes in these files , also.

First there is the installation of dolphin by system (v21…) A

Then another installation by flatpack (v 23…) B

I want to either update the system installation A to the latest version or transfer the settings from A to B.

Ah, sorry, I assumed it was a new PC installation.

I’m not familiar with flatpaks but I do believe they place their configs in a separate directory.

From a quick internet search, they should be inside ~/.var/app

Re: updating the system installation, that’d depend on your distro of choice, though if you’re OK running from flatpak then you could just uninstall the native dolphin package and just copy your configs from ~/.config/ to ~/.var/app/org.kde.dolphin or whatever name is used for that folder.

Hint, from a konsole window:

find ~/.var -name dolphin

Just a suggestion.

When I install to a New Computer I partition the HDD in the following manner.

UEFI | Root (/) | Swap | Home (/home)

On Rotating Rust I try to keep the Swap Partition as close to the centre of the Disk, on SSDs it doesn’t matter.

OK so I have a seperate Root (/) partition from my Personal Data (/home) that way if I change OSs or simply have to reinstall for any reason, I need only reformat the Root (/) partition, and my personal Data remains safe in it’s own partition.

That way, also, all of my user config settings remain unchanged.

That’s also what I do, and what I thought the OP was asking, but in this case it’s not a new installation but dolphin installed from the system’s package manager and from flatpaks, which keep their config in different locations due (I think) to the sandboxing.

Oh, I did get it wrong.