Dolphin stretches and squashes svgs so that they're vertical, except as a folder icon

If the svg’s are NOT a folder icon, they are stretched.image

If they ARE a folder icon…

They’re perfectly fine. image

Honestly, I don’t know what’s going on (obviously), and whether or not it was something I installed, or a dolphin update, or simply me using the wrong OS or smth. idek.

(Oh, btw i use Garuda.)

It seems like a bug in the thumbnail processing of the svg file.

Could you share the file concerned and some context: versions of Dolphin, Plasma and KDE Frameworks, screen scaling if you have some.
I don’t know anything about Garuda.

dolphin 24.02.2
Plasma: 6.0.4
KDE: 6.2.0
And the files? I can’t include links in my posts. Sorry.
Hold on… maybe I can private message you it… testing… The function doesnt even exist here.

Hmm… maybe I can do… this:
Alrighty clearly it knows. Guess I can’t share them.
Wait a minute, can’t I just put the svg’s code in here?

DZSCG (Serbia and Montenegro):
<svg xmlns="" width="1200" height="600"><path d="M0 0h1200v600H0" fill="#d00"/><path d="M0 0h1200v400H0" fill="#fff"/><path d="M0 0h1200v200H0" fill="#003893"/></svg>

Kingdom of Yugoslavia:
<svg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 9 6"><path fill="#d00" d="M0 4h9v2H0"/><path fill="#fff" d="M0 2h9v2H0"/><path fill="#003893" d="M0 0h9v2H0"/></svg>

Why did I not think of this before.


I have made a MR to fix this.

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It will be in KDE Gears 24.08.