Don't make me think violations


I had brain segfault on this. I’m actually already in power save mode. and that power save on the right sitting directly above the slider is actually the correct status…

There’s probably a dozen on more changes that could be made here:

Include ‘:’ against Power Profile would be a start.
Increase margin top on the slider.
Suffix "Current - " to the profile

But probably some better UX experts out there, but as it currently stands it’s very confusing



Do you have this bug with power profile slider?
(the power profile slider blinking when try to swinch but not swiching in KDE 6)

I had that in 5.27 (Fedora 39) but not experienced in 6.0 (Fedora 40) since done in place upgrade.

afaik the power management KCM was completely redone for 6.0

this is just a person being confused by the UI. This is still the same in Plasma 6 and it is fine

Yes, Kenning, you are correct, this is a person being confused by the UI. The UI is confusing, and possibly was in prior versions too. Do you think confusing UIs are fine?

You can’t possibly defend the above as non-confusing, or perhaps you can do elaborate though…

I personally was not confused by that. There only is one word displayed, which makes me think it is not a button description but a single line.

Putting some border around it might help?

But Plasma6 is all about minimal UIs with as little separating elements as possible, as far as I have seen it. This needs to be tested, you are welcome to add a Mockup (image of how the UI should look like) here

I agree that this is a bit confusing. Everything else in the popup follows the pattern, but it’s a pattern that makes less sense for a slider due to the label’s proximity to the right-most position.

Feel free to submit a bug report about it.

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