Dragging widgets into a panel causes KDE to lock up

while experimenting with performance monitors in KDE, i will first add it to my desktop then modify the senors and such to my liking before i try to add it to a panel i have docked along one edge of the screen.

every time try to drag the configured monitor to the panel under edit mode, the monitor and the panel disappear and the entire desktop is frozen forcing me to restart.

i have on one occasion been able to use CTRL+ALT+DEL to get to a login prompt (like waking up from sleep) but it didn’t give the desktop back just a black screen.

on another occasion i could still access the widget and even change the configuration, but the widget was not visible at all and only by hovering over its presumed location could i find the configure menu.

if i instead add the widget to the panel strait away and configure it there, it’s fine… just dragging into or out of the panel is what seems to trigger the issue.

anyone else find this behavior, or am i just “lucky”?


as the old joke goes, the doc said “stop doing that”

so the “solution” is to add the widgets to the panel first and then adjust their configuration from there… something happens when you try to drag a widget into a panel that has never lived in a panel before (any panel, doesn’t seem to matter).

but if you add the widget to the panel first, then you can drag it out and back in, or into another panel, without this issue.

here is what my monitor setup looks like now


top to bottom:

CPU fan speed
GPU fan speed
memory and swap usage
network activity (up/dn load bps)
core temps


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