Duplicate Sequence

Sequence (Nested timeline) is fine. But when I use the same Sequence for a second time in the vide, some effects are missing.
Any Solution?

I think the effect in sequence issue should be solved with version 23.04.3. Please try with Kdenlive 23.04.3.

Sorry to say, it is not yet solved:

Color clip with the effect is missing in the copied Seq. (at 14th Secs)

Can you please try the latest Beta: Kdenlive 23.08 beta available - Kdenlive

Same issue with the Beta version too:

Fade in of the colour clip and the “push right” Effects are missing (@ 7Sec)

Send us a print of your timeline…

On Timeline it is working…
Issue is with the rendered file. (mpg / mp4 / webm…)

Hi and thanks for your report. I can confirm the issue, working on it.

This is now fixed in git, we will release a new testing version in the next days so you can confirm the fix.

And waiting for it :slight_smile:

Now when you use the Duplicate of a sequence in the timeline, effects are there.
Kdenlive 23.08 (Flatpak)has fixed it!