Effects in sequences are not shown after reopening project file

Hey there,

I’m just doing my first project with the new v23.04.1 (on up-to-date Ubuntu 22.04.2) and have a problem with the new sequences. I created and added them as intended and it works like a charm. But as I open the file again today, the clips in the sequences are shown without any effect; only the “main” sequence has it’s clip effects. Also in the main sequence the sub-sequences are played (and rendered) with effects and looking in the project file I see the effects (and options) listed with the clips.

So it looks like a bug, that on re-opening a project the sub-sequences are not showing the clip effects. I also cleared the cache (~/.cache/kdenlive) and the behaviour still exists.

Any ideas how to solve this? Or is this a bug?

Thanks in advance,

Please log it as a bug at bugs.kde.org

Thanks for the fast reply. Logged it under 470968 – Effects in sub-sequences are not shown after reopening project file.