Enable autoclosing of old solved topics

The solved plugin has auto close feature. So that a topic which is marked as solved can be closed. The time limit can be a month two months or anything the admins set it up.

Should we enable this. When users ask questions, the problem or topic may be related to a particular version of the software which may not be relevant as time goes by and as the software updates. So when a new user comes in and bumps aged old topic posted by some other user it triggers notification to all the user who are participating in that thread. Also the current problem that the new user has might not be related to the original one since the version changed.

In case the user needs to talk about that closed topic there is a feature called Reply via linked topic the user can use this or in case that is not possible just link the original topic citing it.

Bumping older topics may also bring them back up on the homepage which can flood and make other relevant topics out of sight.

This is just a suggestion/question. What do you think?

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I think just linking the original topic is best.

Sometimes. IMO, it’;s good to be able to post to old, solved, threads. For example, the thread may be marked closed because a workaround was posted, and then some time later the workaround stops working, becomes unnecessary, or a better solution is available.