Enable stylistic sets for Konsole

Hi everyone. I recently switched to a patched version of Fira Code to render icons in Neovim. The original font supports a number of character variants that I wish to make use of, but I can’t find how to choose them for Konsole, nor whether this feature is supported.

Any help on this matter will be appreciated. Thanks.

You will likely have to make a copy of the font with those stylistic sets enabled, or enable them somehow within fonts.conf: Font configuration - ArchWiki

However, I have used this font patcher myself and just deleted the original font, then generated the font files with stylistic changes with this Python tool: GitHub - twardoch/fonttools-opentype-feature-freezer: OTFeatureFreezer GUI app and pyftfeatfreeze commandline tool in Python to permanently "apply" OpenType features to fonts, by remapping their Unicode assignments

After that I just installed those generated fonts instead.

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Thank you for the swift reply. I tried option #2 and it worked flawlessly.


No problem, had the same issue some time ago. I tried the font configs but couldn’t get it to work, so it was just easier to generate fonts with the sets enabled.

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