Energy Saving not working since Plasma 6 update

Since the update to Plasma 6 I have some weird problems with monitor dimming.

Normally my monitors would dim after a couple minutes, but if I move the mouse - they would go bright again. But since the Plasma 6 update they only sometimes return to the full brightness. It seems random, sometimes they will just stay dim, the actual brightness of my monitors will drop from 70 to 20, or 18, or 12.

I thought I should check the settings in the Energy Saving menu, but another surprise here - it does not even open. After trying to open the settings - I get this error in my journalctl:

I’m using basically a default Plasma 6.0.1, with EndeavourOS, on X11, on a PC if that makes any difference. Does anyone have an idea what could I do here? :confused:

Sorry about the crash. I’ve seen another bug report with a similar stack trace. The conclusion there was that the “Sleep” action wasn’t supported anymore on the user’s system (they had turned it off in their systemd configuration) but was still selected in KDE’s Energy Settings. As of Plasma 6.0.2 and including that, the settings page handles this case poorly and crashes.

You should be able to resolve the crash by removing some of the suspend action settings from your $HOME/.config/powerdevilrc configuration file. They look like LidAction=1, PowerButtonAction=8, or AutoSuspendAction=2. One of those numbers is the action that your system doesn’t support anymore. You can rip them all out, save the file, and restart System Settings to configure them there without Energy Settings crashing anymore.

I’ll spend some time on handling this case in a more graceful way for future Plasma releases.


And also, while trying to fix a number of issues with the “Turn off screen” action, I ended up introducing different ones. Plasma 6.0.2 (out later today) contains two fixes for bugs that are giving X11 users a bad time in that regard. Please update to that as soon as it’s available for your distro.

In the meantime, you can enable the “Turn off screen” checkbox (with an idle duration of your choice) to work around the unintentional turning-off bug. Again, sorry about that.

Let me know if after the update you still run into issues with display dimming.


I had only LidAction and AutoSuspendAction entries there, so I just renamed the file and opened the Energy Saving menu - it opens now!

For now I’ve disabled screen dimming, I’ve just left the turn off option for now. Once I update to 6.0.2 I’ll enable the dimming again and see how it all works.

Thanks for the help!