Enhancement suggestions

I’d like to have an advanced file manager, and Dolphin is in pole position to become it.
Some suggestions:

  • provide the possibility to add comments and tags to folders (stored not in a separate config file,but in the folder property itself, so that it could be shared in syncing different devices)
  • provide the possibility to add a different appearance to some file (i.g. with a bigger name, of with a particular color).

Dolphin comments and tags are stored in the filesystem metadata (for files or folders), in linux that’s extended attributes xdg.comment and xdg.tags.
It follows CommonExtendedAttributes
Any app can have support for them, or it can be scripted using getfattr.
But few apps do support those (baloo is one of them).

Color and bold-ness might happen and icons might become customizable per-file or have symbols attached to them (like read-only files have), but text sizes certainly not as it becomes very complicated for the rendering code.
But that’s not going to happen soon.


Thank you for your kind answer!