Error moving project folder


I don’t know if I do something wrong but here is my workflow:
I use kdenlive on windows, the latest version.

I like to have all cachefiles like proxy etc in a subfolder of my project folder.
So I make a new kdenlive project set the option “Project Folder” to “Parent folder of the project file”.
Then I add the first clip and save the project on the disk. I get the question if I like to move the cachefile folder to my project folder so I accept but then I get this error:
"Error moving project folder: "

What am I missing?


Please log a bug report for this. Thanks!

ok done that, but is there a log file where I might see what actually caused the error?

I know that on Linux when you start Kdenlive from the terminal it writes to stdout. Not sure how that works in Windows. IIRC, there is a function capturing events and such but it is buried in the guts of Windows. Try a Windows search for error or problem report and see what comes up.

Good luck …