Exporting of Render Presets

So I am just coming off Premier Pro CS6 and moving across to Kdenlive which I am really loving :slight_smile:

I have made some Render custom presets H264 and VB9 for my use, I would like to back them up to the cloud, is there a way to export a render presets to a file or a file in the directory structure that I can copy and store ?

You can upload your presets to the KDE Store into the Export Presets category. That way they are in the cloud, can be downloaded from there directly into the correct folder structure of Kdenlive (see the Rendering dialog window > Presets > Download New Render Presets) , and can be shared with other Kdenlive users.

The render profiles (or presets) are essentially XML files that you can edit in the text editor of your choice, and copy to wherever you want.

Hope this answers your question …

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That’s perfect thanks.