Expose more libinput options to cutomize acceleration profile and speed per-mouse

Different pointing devices require different speeds and acceleration profiles. No matter how much libinput claims to “normalize” pointing devices so they “feel the same”, they never do. The only person who knows how they’re supposed to feel is the user.

It is absurd to have the same acceleration profile and speed for a trackpoint, trackball, heavy mouse and travel mouse, as well as for an external touchpad touchpad that registers like a mouse.

Libinput is less limited now than in the past: Who-T: libinput and the custom pointer acceleration function

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I would like this also. I have a trackball mouse I prefer to use, and with KDE running under X, I used xinput to set up a libinput custom acceleration profile for it.

Under Wayland, that no longer works. Under the adaptive profile (which I think is the only option currently available on KDE 6.0.2), if I set the acceleration high enough to be usable over large distances, it is difficult to be precise when trying to click on a small button.

If I understand Wayland correctly, this has to be done through kwin now. Even if it isn’t supported in the systemsettings GUI, I would love to see the kwin dbus interface updated to expose the libinput custom acceleration profile.

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For plain pointer speed, rather than acceleration, the “Pointer speed” setting is stored per device, so one can have a fast mouse and slow touchpad if necessary.

Pointer acceleration should indeed be configurable and isn’t currently. Bug 464868 exists to track this.

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