Extremely unstable with 2 monitors; stability much improved with 1 -- Spoke too soon

Could it be KDE Neon wasn’t well tested with dual monitor setups like I have been using? I’m finally able to use it now without constant crashes by disabling one of my monitors and using only 1. Will continue like this over the next few months(?) while waiting on updates.

EDIT: Spoke too soon. I’m still getting crashes with 1. It was just my untested theory the second monitor was causing the issues and it seems that is not the main culprit after all.

Bottom line, my system is very unstable and crashes often. Quite frustrating of course.

I read SUSE has a rollback feature that would have come in handy here: System Recovery and Snapshot Management with Snapper | Reference | openSUSE Leap 15.0

“Being able to do file system snapshots providing the ability to do rollbacks on Linux is a feature that was often requested in the past. Snapper, with the Btrfs file system or thin-provisioned LVM volumes now fills that gap.”

Any interest in incorporating the same into KDE Neon?

I am somewhat fortunate in that I have a very recent version of KDE Neon from early Feb of 2024 on a bootable USB that I may have to make use of.

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Timeshift works very well in Neon as a recovery program. It has pulled my butt out of the fire already. Try switching to X11 if you are using Wayland.

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