F10 for accessibility in KF6!

We now have a new KStandardShortcut. With https://commits.kde.org/kconfig/782e43f8076e5f4a10111a6b4d2cc6b1741c9798 the F10 key is now assigned to “Open Main Menu”. This is in my opinion a big win for accessibility because up until now for blind people there was no consistent way in our software to open the main menu.

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You also have been doing great works, so thank you too! And the post is really nice, as always!


problem with link ?

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Hmmm… The page you’re looking for can’t be found. [quote]

went here like to check the how to do a lot of things and got this ?

Thanks Phu!

Create an .Xmodmap file in your home directory (https://linux.die.net/man/1/xmodmap):

problem with link ?

I just re-checked. It works perfectly fine on my end.

OK Now it’s working I must have fed the gremlins last night.

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Nope just checked the link in article and your link works fine the link in the article does not.

The link in the article


That’s NOT working in the article and, yet here it does go figure ? Ahh figured it out Hmm :wink:

The link that you supplied


That works
Hope this helps

Yes, it is a bit stupid that the webpage considers the ): to be part of the link when it very clearly isn’t. This forum page correctly understands it. I will make sure to put a space between a URL and a ) in the future.

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Sorry to bent your ear on something too trivial.

Don’t worry about it. :slight_smile: